The Temazcal is a medicine wheel that embraces our being in a holistic way. It is a sacred circle of life, health and education that restores the spiritual, physical, emotional, energetic and mental balance by creating a harmonious bond between the individual and the Universe.



The Temazcal is the Belly, the Matrix of the Universe, Earth and our Mother, a microcosm that reproduces the characteristics of the Universe, which is why we call it the ceremony of origin. We enter it to die, to face our fears, to reprogram, correct and heal the information imprinted within us during gestation, to remember who we are and to be reborn.


In The practice of the sweat lodge is one of the oldest ceremonies in the history of humanity, it is found everywhere in the world, in different forms, also in our ancient Celtic rites. Temazcal is a Nahualt word, the language of the gods of Central America. It means ; bath house, hot stone house, steam house, heat house or sweat lodge / hut.

In America, this ancestral ceremony was born in the North of the United States about 2000 years ago, when the White Buffalo Woman, Spirit Woman, brought a bundle of 7 sacred rites. The Temazcal is called Inipi in the Lakota language. Arriving in Mexico, this healing ceremony was adopted and adapted by the Toltec, Maya, Zapotec and other peoples.

Our ceremonies are led by women and men, called Temazcaleras/os, prepared, instructed and authorised by the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan Elders. The aims of this organisation are the recovery, preservation and practice of the traditional forms of spirituality of the original peoples of the Americas and the world, the people of the Earth.


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The Temazcal is a small temple, a round belly built with branches invoking the memory of the trees, sometimes  it is made out of earth or stones. The belly is totally dark, filled with steam, it is hot, humid and enveloping.



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Stones are heated in the fire that carries the memory of the sun and its healing powers, they remember the time when the earth was fire. We call them grandmothers and grandfathers because they have existed since the beginning of creation and they keep the memory of everything that has happened for millennia.


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These stones, seeds of the father, are brought into the belly of the mother to fertilize it, they are placed in a hole in the centre, which is her navel. We put aromatic plants that bring the blessing and medicine of Nature into the Temazcal. The door closes and we summon the wisdom and healing powers of the four essential elements that give life; Air, Water, Fire and Earth.


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The door opens four times to receive new stones, medicines and prayers. Each round or door corresponds to a direction, an element, an age, a season, a power, a teaching through which the world has passed and continues to do so. A door lasts between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

The water poured on the stones liberates the memories of our ancestors through the steam, the divine breath that penetrates, activates and relieves the depths of our being and re-awakens in us the power of creation. Because we are air, water, fire and earth, we are the Universe. The heat rises fast and strong, taking us back to the memory of being in our mothers womb, we are led to surrender ourselves into the embrace of the earth. The rhythm of the drum, the songs to the four directions, the elements, the ancestors and all that lives and carries strength and knowledge, lead us to prayer, to dialogue, to concentration, in a sort of trance.


Temazcal is a form of healing that strengthens the body. It has a detoxifying action which is complementary to all types of treatments for acute and chronic diseases and supports recovery from serious diseases. The Temazcal is a rapid and dynamic process, It takes us out of our comfort zone which is an essential part of the process of becoming an adult. The Temazcal brings us to face the deepest fears of human nature by encouraging us to look inside for the solutions to our difficulties rather than seeking a solution from outside of ourselves.


  • Opens the doors of the mystery and teachings of our ancestors and the Earth.
  • Open our full heart.
  • Purification and spiritual growth; opening and expanding consciousness, renewing and strengthening the spirit.
  • Reconnecting us to ourselves, to our human essence and to our divinity.
  • Opening us to a new vision of the meaning of life.
  • Developing perception; helping us to find solutions to the circumstances and situations of our life.


  • Relaxes the whole system.
  • Purifies the body by releasing toxins in large quantities through transpiration.
    • Cleans and cares for the skin, maintaining it hydrated and flexible.
    • Detox of the body; purifying the blood, activating and regulating blood circulation; bringing oxygen throughout the body, fighting varicose veins.
    • Strengthening the body and the heart: activating the internal organs; heart, liver, kidneys, lungs…
  • Helps to recover from muscular problems and traumatic injuries.
  • Releases bone pain, arthritis, gout and joint pain.
  • Acts favourably on hypertension, ulcers, phlegm, stomach diseases, all cold illnesses such as facial paralysis, degenerative diseases, diabetes …
  • Breathing: cleans the respiratory system, promoting its function and helps with the healing of respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.
  • Promotes the health and function of the digestive system relieving constipation and other digestive problems. Balances the metabolism helping to fight obesity.
  • Strengthen the immune system.


  • Promotes emotional release from all types of trauma especially birth trauma and childhood trauma…
  • Release of emotions and impressions from the outside imprinted in us during pregnancy as well as negative genetic information of our paternal and maternal lineages.
  • Acts positively on the nervous system easing anxieties and fears, promotes healthy sleep patterns.
  • Releases stress; emotions contained in the body.


  • promotes energetic renewal and helps to clear blockages in the energy fields and centres (aura and chakras)


  • Calms and clears the mind, bringing harmony and clarity.
  • Clears unhelpful programming and negative childhood memories.
  • Acts on ego, memory, attention, creativity.

Specifically for women

  • Release premenstrual and menstrual difficulties.
  • Stimulates the fertility.
  • Preparation for childbirth; It is beneficial for pregnant women to enter the Temazcal from 3 months of pregnancy; one time a month, then every 15 days, and then every week.
  • Postnatal :
    • Restores the skin elasticity.
    • Restores correct temperature to the organs involved in pregnancy such as the ovaries, the uterus, the womb.
    • Stimulates breast milk flow.
    • The newborn baby is more than welcome in the Temazcal.


  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • Advanced diabetes
  • Pre-existing psychiatric problems such as schizophrenia
  • Dehydration
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Women in the first 3 months of pregnancy
  • People with high levels of cholesterol in the blood should not bathe in cold water after the Temazcal
  • People who suffer from claustrophobia can find a remedy in the Temazcal. If you suffer from claustrophobia please speak with the person running the Temazcal beforehand.
  • Contagious diseases, contagious skin diseases. It may be possible for people suffering from contagious diseases to enter the Temazcal alone to receive its healing benefits. Please speak to the person running the ceremony beforehand.
  • The people in the above list may be in some cases invited to enter at the beginning of the Temazcal or to come with a certificate from their health care professional.

Each one of us needs constant renewal.                                                                             
Everyone is welcome from the new born to the elderly, from all corners of the earth, from all conditions, races and faiths.


  • Come prepared with a purpose to enter the ceremony. Start meditating on it in days prior to the ceremony.
  • Drink enough water in the days before the Temazcal, up to 2 litres per/day, to avoid headaches and dehydration. Bring water with you for Temazcal day to drink before and after.
  • Eat lightly  the day of the ceremony, the best is to fast or take a small healthy snack. Plan to finish a full meal at least 2 hours prior to entering the Temazcal and one hour before for a light meal.
  • Wear comfortable clothing made from natural fabrics. Men wear shorts and women a sarong or a light dress.
  • Bring 2 towels.
  • Bring something healthy to eat we will share a meal together after the Temazcal (salads, quiches, nuts, soup …)
  • Pregnant women can enter the Temazcal from the 3rd month of pregnancy after informing us.
  • Women in their moon time (menstruation) are invited to let us know in advance to receive the instructions for this sacred time and consider the possibility of not entering the Temazcal, honouring the purification ceremony that is already taking place in your body.
  • If you have a particular medical condition, or if you are on medication, please let us know upon registration !